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Customize your MOGO Theme

Robert Black on
Customize your MOGO Theme

We sincerely congratulate you with the purchase of the premium Shopify theme MOGO. This product has powerful functionality to help you in achieving the goals you have. Now let's review some theme's customization tips.

For the purpose of customizing the theme's layout there is some useful functionality in Shopify. Thus, if you have the necessity to change some content on your page, you can easy do it with the help of sections. They are really perfect when it comes to customize the store's design, content etc. in a quick and easy way.

Theme Sections

They are the parts of your theme (MOGO) that can be customized. They make it possible to add, reorder, or remove some parts of content on the home page. Sections allow you to select the types and order of content that you want to use on your home page. Featured products, slideshows, collection listings, or videos can be listed as examples of sections.

Theme Styles

Each Shopify theme has special theme styles. The theme style is a set of colors and styles used for current layout. If you want to change such settings, you should click the Change theme style button, which is located in the Theme settings tab.

After that you will be able to choose the theme style you want. You can also use the Change theme style button to reset your theme settings to default.

How to add sections to your store

This operation can be easy realized with the help of theme editor menu.
  • Go to your Shopify admin. Then click Online Store - Themes
  • Choose the MOGO theme, click Customize
  • Click Add section button in the sidebar menu
  • Now you can choose the type of section you want to add by clicking on it. After that just click Add
  • The section's content can be changed by adding and editing of the content blocks. Do it with the help of sidebar menu.
  • To fix your changes and let the section look the way you want just click Save or Publish

How to change the layout of a page by moving sections

MOGO theme allows you to change the order of the sections on its home page. To do this you can just click ⁞⁞ near the section's name. After that drug the section to where you want to place it.

How to hide a section

The MOGO them allows you to hide a current section if you don't want to display it in your store. One of the reasons for that can be presence of unfinished sections in your store. To do this follow the next steps:

  • Go to your Shopify admin. Click Online store – Themes.
  • Choose MOGO theme. Click Customize button.
  • Go to sidebar. Click the eye icon near the section you want to hide.

The hidden sections are marked with a slash through them.

How to remove sections from your store

The MOGO theme allows you to remove sections as well as content from your home page. See instructions how to do it below.

How to remove a section

  • Go to your Shopify admin. Click Online store – Themes.
  • Choose MOGO theme. Click the Customization button.
  • Click the section that you want to remove in the sidebar.
  • Click Delete section button at the bottom of the sidebar menu.

How to remove content from a section

  • Go to your Shopify admin. Click Online store – Themes.
  • Choose MOGO theme. Click the Customization button.
  • Click on the section, which contains the content to be removed.
  • Choose and click on the content that you want to remove inside the Content section.
  • Click Delete content, which is the content type. The examples are collection, image ...

Use these instructions to make your work with the fastest Shopify theme MOGO easier.

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